Chalupines (grasshopper tacos)

Chalupines (grasshopper tacos)

In embracing the UNs recent call for people to eat more insects, Chelse tried the Chalupines (grasshoppers) at a local Mexican restaurant in Houston. This dish is common in some parts of Mexico,  Her assessment: Limey, salty, crunchy deliciousness! Although they were indeed orthopterans, the critters in the dish were actually nymphs of a neoconocephalus (cone-headed katydid) species. The dish consisted of about 25 katydid nymphs boiled and sauteed with onions, cilantro, lime and salt with a side of both guacamole and salsa. The waiter said that these are brought up from a guy in Mexico periodically. He also extolled another delicacy that the restaurant sometimes servesant eggs.

Id like to find out more how these guys harvest and the economics behind this for a future post. (In the meantime, I found a great public photo album on facebook by a documentary maker about his experience going along for one of these harvest.)

Could this find its way onto your plate sometime soon? The entomophagy movement is certainly growing in popularity!

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